What We Do

What We Do

Delta’s aim has always been to build companies that not only contribute to the economic wealth of their owners, but also to their employees and various stakeholders, creating a healthy working environment. Attaining that aim along with good corporate governance, easily attracts financial institutions and investors, all eager to access companies that have well-built infrastructures. We have therefore aligned with the IFC as well as many third party providers to complement our financial services with the required organizational development needed.

Our Role:

  • Choose companies willing to forego the structuring journey. Whether they list or not is then a choice.
  • Perform a quick strategy and performance review of the company & market, to allow us together build the future growth plans.
  • Design and develop the governance and organization model to allow implementation of the growth strategy; this includes:
    • Family charter
    • Company organizational chart
    • ESOP and other retention methods
    • Support in the implementation (timing is as needed)

Reaching the companies potential growth may require:

  • Acquisitions
  • Restructuring and turn around
  • Listing on EGX or NILEX or other
  • Strategic partnership agreements and valuations

Whatever the format of investment banking service is needed, we ensure to deliver the team and networks to forego the process.

Our experience allows us to select the best of class partnership and alliances from the local and international markets. It also allows us to negotiate in the best interest of the shareholders (current and future) a deal to grow companies, be it acquisitions, mergers or joint ventures.

We believe in win-win to all stakeholders but inclusive of the social impact all the time! We believe that our focus on corporate governance allows companies to fully expand on their potential and may hence grow locally and internationally. As they do so they contribute to employment, general welfare and ultimately overall GDP growth.

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